Preparing for the Rockies

Planting seed is not for those who desire instant gratification.  The seed is planted and then the waiting begins.  Sometimes the seed grows and sometimes it doesn’t.  If it does grow there is usually weeks (radishes), months (corn), or years (oak tree) before the harvest.  Personally, I like instant gratification and occasionally indulge in ice cream with chocolate syrup and video-on-demand.  Sometimes I indulge in both at the same time.

The idea (seed) of hiking the Colorado Trail was planted several months ago by a friend. Bradd was inspired by my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and wanted to attempt a hike of the long distance trail in his home state of Colorado.  He had many questions about the logistics of doing a long distance trek and we spent many evenings talking about gear as I helped with his home remodel.

I wasn’t eager to jump in with him at first but as the seed was watered and tended the idea soon became irresistible.  Now, the planning begins.

My start date should be the first week of August and I will be accompanied by my friend Holli.  Bradd has already started the trail and will be completing sections of the CT throughout the summer.  Hopefully, we can meet up to hike a few miles together.